This is a list of hurr icane related HF Nets courtesy of Carl, AA4MI

SATER N (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) provides emergency communication support to the Salvation Army wherever needed.

Times are one hour earlier when Daylight Savings Time is in effect (Except Arizona)

14265.0 USB 1500Z Monday thru Friday SAROF*

14265.0 USB 1500Z Saturday SAROF

07265.0 LSB 1600Z  Saturday SAROF

07265.0 LSB 1400Z Saturday Eastern Territory

07265.0 LSB 1630Z Saturday Central Area

07265.0 LSB 1700Z Saturday Southern Territory

05330.5 LSB 0400Z Daily Alaska (Alternate frequency 5346.5 KHz )

05330.5 LSB 0100Z Tuesday Central Area (Alternate frequency 5346.5 KHz)

03740.0 LSB 2000CT Monday Canadian

03920.0 LSB 2030CT Tuesday Kansas & Missouri

03977.7 LSB 0400Z Sunday Western States 

*  Salvation Army Radio Operator's Fellowship


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